#5 Macintosh Plus

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Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple until he died in 2011, always considered  the products of his company being at the intersection of technology and liberal arts. Very keen on design, he liked beautiful objects … and for him beauty was to be found in simplicity.

Influenced by the « counter-culture » of the seventies, Steve Jobs was not only interested in computers but always had great consideration for artists. And what does an artist with his masterpiece? He signs it. That’s why the first Macintosh computers had the signatures of the team members who conceived the machine engraved in the rear side of the case.

This object is therefore a rarity: a 30-years old « piece of art » computer!! It’s the first computer with a so-called graphical user interface GUI: you use a mouse and windows and clic on objects to select them or to start programs. What is such an evidence nowadays was a revolution by that time.

The Macintosh Plus has no hard drive, but starts from a 800k-disquette (who remembers what that is!?!) Imagine the operating system of a computer, included a program for drawing (MacPaint) and a program for text editing (MacWrite) holding on less than a megabyte!! Apart from a fully functioning computer (central unit with black & white screen, keyboard, mouse, power cable and starting disk), I  ship the following articles so that your « computer-nostalgia » experience will be complete:

  • Supplementary disquette with the programs MacPaint and MacWrite;
  • A Guided Tour of Macintosh, an « initiation-disquette » of that time, with the very first version of the operating system Finder (Finder 1.1);
  • User guides of MacPaint and MacWrite in PDF-format (funny to see how the use of a mouse is being explained);
  • Special screw-drawer to open the case and find the signatures inside.
  1. The signatures inside
  2. Frontside smile
  3. Finder 1.1
  4. A Guided Tour of Macintosh
  5. MacPaint
  6. MacWrite
  7. Connectivity
  8. Backside


  • Period of marketing: January 1986 - October 1990
  • Processor: Motorola 68000, 8 MHz
  • Installed RAM: 1 MB
  • Capacity of harddisk: no harddisk
  • Partitions on the harddisk: no harddisk - system boots from disquette
  • Installed systems: none - see description above
  • Particularities: see description above


MacPaint - The Userguide

MacWrite - The Userguide



  1. Commercial during the Super Bowl in 1984, announcing the launch of the Macintosh
    Commercial during the Super Bowl in 1984
  2. 24 January 1984 at the Flint Center of the De Anza College campus near Apple headquarters in Cupertino, CA: Steve Jobs unveils the Macintosh; who says "Hello" to the world, with Vangelis anthem "Chariots of Fire" in the background
    Young Steve Jobs presenting the Macintosh
  3. Apple Macintosh - The power to be your best (1986)
    Commercial of Macintosh Plus
#5 Macintosh Plus